Monday, January 28, 2013

Prince Charming

As women we grow up looking for our prince charming. The man of our dreams that will take care of our every need. We have this image of what he will be like. The perfect man with the perfect body. He will come sweep us off our feet and life will be lived happily ever after! All the fairy tales we are raised with tell us this is the way it should be. When I was growing up I watched all the Disney princesses be rescued by their perfect prince charming and they ride off in to the sunset to live happily every after. Like most girls I dreamed of that perfect prince to come safe me from the horrid life I was forced to live. I dreamed he would sweep me off my feet and we would ride off to his palace and life would be wonderful. Having to have a prince charming was ingrained in us as children and we did not even know it!

I thought that I had found the perfect man in my first husband. He stole my heart, swept me off my feet, and took me a way from a life I hated. Starry-eyed little teenager blinded by the need to get out of a bad situation. The need to be rescued from everything because I was to scared to do it myself. Two wonderful children later he decides that his love is gone and he is done. The dream, the illusion of the perfect man and the perfect life is shattered! "What happened? Life is not suppose to go this way!" I thought to myself, how unfair! What did I do? I did not do anything wrong just believed that someone else should run my life for me. The ending of the marriage was the beginning of a wonderful journey to find myself and the right person for me. 

I learned there is no such thing as a price charming. So stop looking for them right now. We have be so misinformed by everything we have seen, been taught, or learned about the way a relationship should be! There is no such thing as a perfect person. NO ONE IS PERFECT! No man or woman can live up to being the perfect person. We expect so much from the other person we set up the relationship to fail as soon as we get in to it. We can be perfect for someone but never a perfect person. We have become strong women. No long do we need a price charming! It is time to seek a partner in life to walk the path be side us not carry us down it.

I have heard so much form others about how their man did not do this or did something that they disliked. Love the your men for who they are, their good attributed, their quarks, everything about them. When they make you smile, laugh, or melt, this is them showing us how much they care! They are never going to be a prince charming and they don't wanted to be. They just want us to understand that they love us with out having to say it. When men give their hearts they are giving us the most fragile and guarded part of themselves in hopes that we will not break it. Respect the man, don't change them, just love them with all we are.

By allowing my self to grow, learn, and walk my path with my head held high I found the perfect person for me; when I was not even looking. He is not a perfect person but he is the perfect person for me. We walk together down the path of life. We would have never found each other if I was still looking for prince charming. He makes sure I want for nothing in every way he can. He always makes me laugh, he knows that a kiss can melt me, and holds me when I need it. We talk about everything. It is the little thing that tell each other that there is love! So don't look for someone that can save you form the world but someone that will face the world with you.

Ivy Moon

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